Large Earring with Blue Opal by Orit Elhanati


Large Earring with Blue Opal by Orit Elhanati in 18 karat gold. The earring is part of the Abyss Collection, which brings the mystery of eternity and inspires the mind in what comes after the dark reflections of the abyss. The ocean holds the abyss, the power of consuming and destroying, yet holds the beauty, joy, life and love. Some believe that opals have a healing power, and opals are thought to have solved depressions and to help the wearer in finding true love. The colours of the Abyss collection is inspired by the colours of the fish and the sea. The shapes of the gold are influenced by shells and fossils. This particular earring has a beautiful blue colour and a gem that is surrounded by organically sculptured gold – a piece of art and impressive craftmanship. The ring is available for sale in the Danish online shop Strøm for approxiately € 780.

Orit Elhanati’s creations are seductive and timeless, and Elhanati has a vision of her jewellery empower and reinforce the wearer. The art of play is essential for Elhanati in the creative process, and she believes in a spontanous process rather than a well-planned vision.


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